Friday, March 16, 2012

Adhesive Free

This nifty and cute double envelope is a note card, gift card, bite size candy holder brought to you by Chicnscratch's blog.  Using a heavier designer series paper 8" x 8" this cute little pouch can be made with simple crisp creased folds and absolutely no glue adhesive (well, except for the decorative scalloped circle)  it is just simply tied at the top to hold together.  The card opening measures approximately 2-1/2" H x 3-3/4" W.

Here's the side view to show you how the score lines, then become the folds... making it into a little pouch.  This is a perfect idea if you want something a little different to hold a special gift card on one side, and maybe a little treat on the other.  Or, this could work as party favors, it could even stand as name placements for a dinner party.

Odd weather week for the month of March, it's like a great June... we had temperatures in the high 70's... I even think we broke a record of 81 degrees on Tuesday.  It's wonderful, it's beautiful!  The birds are chirping and happy, all of my tulips are beginning to burst through the mulch, the grass is getting green... it is however, just so odd... the mild winter we have had. I will find joy in the day( but the old part of me can't believe spring has begun and we had no really crazy blizzards... my head can't wrap around that!)
Brighten Someone's Day! 

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