Thursday, March 01, 2012

Symbolism is everywhere, if you look for it! Being stopped at a red light that then makes you late for your appointment, happens!  People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Friends and family in different parts of the city, or different states or across the country can stay in touch (with the technology) easily, if they want to.  It's all there if you take the time! Sometimes you have to stretch out.

SA's blog decided she was going to dedicate posts to finding hearts in every day life, but not the generic red hearts that we draw like this ♥.  The symbolism of finding hearts for her meant a lot.   She found them in the glass of a broken window, found it in a pebble on the street, she saw it from an entwined tree limb.  I found mine in a potato that I was getting ready to peel for yummy copy cat Panera Cheesy Potato Soup!! What a happy thing to go searching for!

And per usual for my creative greeting blog, the symbolism continues with this card I'm showing off!  My favorite Heidi Swapp gave away this card on her blog.... a free template that we could just print off, and then she had a tutorial how to put it together. LOOK how easy some cards go together!

SEE how many unconventional  ♥'s you can find as you go about your business today!!

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