Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Beautiful Gift (tag)

I was just playing around with a Shabby Chic themed tag for a swap that I am in.  Adding elements that are soft pastel colors, with lace and flowers and other doodads.  This tag measures 4" x 6", so it's rather large.  I have to make 8 others for the swap.  The ovals behind the pink frame are on a brad so they can be swung out to journal on.

The other day I opened my front door
to let my doggies out to sniff

To my amazement they stopped short on the walk
and the tiny one's head began to shift

I stepped outside to get a closer look
and I saw a back leg begin to lift

There in the crack was a fuzzy caterpillar
crawling along the bricks not too swift.

"Stop" I shouted to cause a commotion
and sort of a rift

Soon he will become a butterfly
one of God's beautiful gifts.

By Poppy  Wilds (aka PRdesigns)

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