Monday, March 05, 2012

Just like a Monday

Although this card is very pretty in person, hmmm, it didn't photo well. 
Isn't that strange how things like that happen? 

 I almost feel like I'm living the movie Ground Hog Day. If you recall, Bill Murray kept on living the same day over and over again... he finally learned he could make changes to himself to alter the outcome of the day.  

 Friday comes to Illinois and it snows 6" of heavy white stuff, the wind is blowing, the roads are a mess and then by the weekend the streets are clear, but there's the slushy exhaust mess on the side of the road... bright and sunny Monday begins anew with beautiful blue skies, the temperatures reach in the 50's all week, the snow melts, the ground it bare, and once again everyone looks forward to the weekend and then it's Friday and the rain begins and pellets of ice hit the window, big flakes begin fall, heavily, and then boom  6" of snow hinders traffic, causes accidents and delays the beginning of TGIF. 

We got a little bit of everything.

That's what's going on with the card above.  I went to our local scrapbook store where they have make and takes. You go in and use their pre-cut supplies to make a nice card, pay your $1 and take it with you!  This card has lots of different elements, ribbons and stamping, diecuts and punched out strips, pop up glue dots and inked edges.  I like going to make quick cards, it often reminds me of techniques I've forgotten to use.

Maybe that's a sign from the weird weather too.  To remind me how great Mother Nature is.  We get it all, sunny days, blizzard like conditions, ice, rain, warmer temps..... sometimes when I'm pre-occupied or feeling the every day stresses of life it's hard to get the full picture!

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