Thursday, February 06, 2014

Robinson ReStore

What to do if you eat a lot of pickles?  Or jalapeno slices?  Or Peperoncini? Spaghetti sauce? 

Yes, too much waste ... but more often than not I clean out the jars and put them in our brown and yellow recycling bin and take it to the end of the driveway for pick up, like today!  And sometimes I just clean a few jars and stash them away in my 'to do' box and save them for .... something.

Ah, Pinterest.... a woman's  favorite idea spot like fantasy football is for men !

Here are two clean jars with the labels removed.  I think they are pretty enough to just sit around and hold 'something', but I'd rather up-cycle them and turn them into something.... useful!!! 
I have plenty of lace, burlap, twine and ribbon in my stash.  So, on a cold and dreary night I got out my glue gun, some mod podge and a flower template and decorated the jars... with a shabby chic sort of theme.

I haven't quite figured out what I will do with them next.  That's for another day to browse Pinterest.... but I'm thinking of filling them with cute foiled chocolates and giving them as a Brighten Someone's Day sort of gift!!!

News alert    ****break****     for more snow! 
This picture was taken earlier this week.  We have since had 5 more inches of snow.  So, when the plows came through.... see the flag on the right side of the mailbox??? The snow is now up to there and I have chiseled out the front of the mailbox!!!  This is the 8th snowiest snowfall on record for the Chicago area... so far this winter O'Hare field has measured over 60" ... we live a little farther northwest of that area, and think we have gotten a bit more here in the suburbs!!!

Project #2
I had some cabin fever, $10 in my pocket and a Savers discount card. *Savers is a thrift shop similar to Goodwill or Salvation Army. I love to find a deal, and when I have an idea of something I saw somewhere else (mostly on another thrifter's blog, or again Pinterest)... I get giddy when I find something I can make into what I want.

Chalk boards are very popular right now.  And there are plenty of sites to visit to see how create chalk ART.
So, I took the frame  (I believe it was one of those country type calendars that has the tiles for dates and months that are inter-changeable) I found for less than $7 dollars and with some Spray Paint Chalk and sandpaper (which I had in  my supplies).... I was able to create a fun ... IN... board that matches my decorating style.
Now I have to go find some more chalk!  I had 1 tiny white piece left from who knows what????.... it wont last very long if I want to 'create' cool chalk art pieces.  Skinny little chalk from when teachers used that instead of white boards or computer projections!!!

Source Pottery Barn
I can certainly glue on some binder clips and other embellishments to mine, like the one above from Pottery Barn for $149!!!!!!
I'm excited!  Two Pinterest successes this week. 
Just imagine the Possibilities!!!!

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