Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Snooze Alert

It's a dogs life.
A dog will sleep an average of 13 hours per day, but they wake up frequently.
I will often find my two dogs on our staircase.  Cooper often moves up the stairs as the sunlight filters in through the hallway window.  He loves the sun warming his black fur coat.  We have often called him Catdog ... he will lay stretched out on the stair sunning himself, and using his front paws against a step or the railing to balance while he snoozes.
Tucker will often ball himself up with his nose  'tucked' in his front paws.  He is just high enough on the staircase to watch the action out the front door window.  When I came around the corner, he popped up to see what I was doing.  Cooper could have cared less!
Tucker snores in his sleep.  It's rather cute.  And Cooper whimpers and runs in his sleep.  It's heart warming to see them so content at times.  My furbabies.
Life is better with a dog... or two!

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