Thursday, February 27, 2014

Elbow Grease

Is it POSSIBLE for you to tell from this picture what I did?

I love my kitchen. 

I love to cook.

My supervisor had to get in on the picture.  He likes to inspect all things that fall on the floor.

From the first picture, is there anything that catches your eye??

Stainless appliances.  We purchased these after we moved in.  They are almost 8 years old.  I'm very happy with them... but at times they are a lot to clean.  They almost remind me of my days working at McDonald's.  When it was slow, one of our jobs was to clean the stainless.  Everything was stainless then.
With this closer view ... what do you think I made POSSIBLE?
Did you spot the tea pot on the stove top?
Because of that cute little tea pot .... I spent over 4 hours cleaning the soffits on top of  my kitchen cabinets and everything else up there.
When I have company over, I often see what nobody will notice.  However, with my Book Club coming over last week, I realized that I wanted to serve tea (since they are ALL hot tea drinkers).  All 6 of my teapots are for decoration.  But I needed one to hold the hot water.
After I retrieved it from the top of the cabinet, I realized how gummy and greasy and gross it was. 
I got the soapy water flowing, found the cleaning rags and washed it inside and out.  It had a sparkle to it!!!  And while I was 6 feet up in the air.... I also realized it had been quite a while since I had cleaned the top of the cabinets and all the baskets of flowers and the cooking tins and the decorative plates.
That cute little white teapot paved the way and made it POSSIBLE or maybe impossible to ignore cleaning. 
Cleaning that no one would see ... but now I've finished one of those tasks on my to do list, and can move on to the next thing that may happen!
Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company
~Author Unknown

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