Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Girls, Girls,Girls

Yes I know.... (sorry dad,) I have been slacking writing to my blog. 

The excuse is that my job has gotten in the way of some of my fun! 

Although I only work part time, I still have my full time job at home.  Now, leaving time for creative fun has moved further and further down my list of things to do

Oh, I'm still creating something EVERY day and I'm making creative greetings, crafting, accessorising, reading, crocheting etc.... I'm just not documenting all my 'stuff' like I used to.

Sometimes my cards are so precious to me. So know, they are really coming from my heart. Now I understand you and some of my friends when you say to me ... the cards are too cute to give away to just anyone.  The person has to be special.
I've been trying to create simpler card designs... but then I think... the card is missing something. I'm not giving it all when I'm creating.
In today's post I have 3 different girly cards.
The first one above... I stamped the background paper.  Then I paper pieced her 'clothing' with patterned paper, and then I painted a simple face and hair with acrylic paint. I added a special heart ♥ to each girly girl in the series of cards I made.

I love these cutsie girly girls.  Just a cartoon doodle.  (Not my design.  But super easy to copy with my own PR touch, ha ha).  And with scraps of paper all in shades of pink, I made the quilted pattern look on the background paper.  She is doodled with pen and ink. And I just love the sentiment: You're my little sparkle & sunshine

And this is my latest take on the girly girls .... an angel. 
This card is inspired by Sissy's sorority Pi Phi's.  They are angles.  I painted over embossed pattern paper for the background.  Paper pieced book paper for the wings and patterned paper for her dress, and then she is painted with acrylics.  I was working on shading and highlighting. And made special focus on her expression .... so angelic!
2014 is my year of Possibilities .... everything is Possible, truly .... but getting things done when you thought you wanted to get to them.... needs to be done now with a little more creative maneuvering. 
I'll get there.  I'll get back to blogging a bit more too .... I'm keeping perspective and realizing I can only do 'so much' well and every day I look for new opportunities to SHINE!!
Come back and visit me again!!

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