Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Right Tools

I admit it ... I know I shouldn't ... but I'm honest!

I copy!

I copy .... a lot!

If I see something that I like, I want to re-create it.

(shameful to 'steal' I know, but I think I'm pretty good at it)

But I've had a lot of practice. Having the right 'tools' also helps!

It still is the decorating craze, but I finally got on 'board' ... to chalk board spray paint. 

I had to see how it worked, if it worked and if I liked the outcome.  I bought at resale, a cool piece of wood.  Later I discovered it was a cast off door to a cabinet.  But it worked for me and it was the right price.

I bought some black chalk spray paint from Hobby Lobby and painted my board.  I realized when I went to doodle on the board that I didn't have any chalk.  An idea came to my head ... I had sidewalk chalk in the garage .... leftovers from years gone by.  Ugh, but the chalk was too fat to draw on my 10" x 12" board.  What to do?  I found a teeny tiny piece of used chalk in a box of school supplies.

My idea came alive! Well, it actually was a Pinterest picture that I was able to re-create.

Unfortuneately, I had to go back to Hobby Lobby and buy a box full of chalk.  I never ever bought white chalk before.... you know it's that kind of thing you used to find on the hall floor in school after the janitor swept up!!! :0)

I liked my first board so much that I had to find another one!  A bigger board to fit more words.  I think the above frame was to one of those country calendars that had the movable tiles for each date.  It was missing the calendar and the pieces, but the bones of the frame and the back board were perfect!!!!
I spray painted the back board and was able to 'sign' away.  I could just erase and put up new quotes each month, or for each season, or for any event.  I loved it!!!! 

Then I saw something.
I wanted my writing to be more precise.  I wanted to have thin lines.  I wanted to make swirls and dots. Then I discovered that there is a Chalk Ink Marker. 
And I bought it.  Spent 6 times as much as my box of chalk, but I love it! I used the spit and finger test to see if the ink would erase from the board, and that seemed to work.
I re-did both of my signs and am happy with the results.  It looks like chalk, just a little more defined.  I'll let you know if with a little water and a rag, if it will wipe clean for next months' quote.
Another Pinterest success!!!

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