Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's All Greek to Me

When your kids get to a point in their lives... when you remember it like yesterday that you were experiencing similar situations, you know you've gotten to the next stage in your own life.... you're getting old.

It's not that I feel like I was 'just' in college, but I remember some of the old days.  I know my college experience was definitely NOT like the days my kids are experiencing in their universities.  I went to a small private Lutheran College, barely 1,000 students.... not some big university that has it's largest student population ever, over 30,000+(that's grad and undergrad)

I don't recall ever attending a football game or any other sporting event (I was a commuter student, so I'm sure I had something better to do off campus).... let alone plan an entire day of tailgating, socializing and drinking ... before filing into a stadium filled with over 71,000 current students, alumni, parents and friends. I don't think my parents ever owned a t-shirt, sweatshirt or a banner with my college name on it!!!!

But here we are, attending our 2nd college football game of the year.  The Missouri Tigers vs the Georgia Bulldogs.  The opposing team won BIG time.... 0 -37.  I didn't feel a great loss, since I'm not that vested a Mizzou fan.

We went to CoMo (short for Columbia Missouri) to visit Sissy for Dad's Weekend.  Her Sorority, Pi Beta Phi  (PiPhi for short) wanted to recognize their dads (the one's who assist in paying the tuition????).  They also celebrate parents weekend, mom's weekend, homecoming and whatever else when there are home football games.

It takes the best to raise the best.
Learning about Greek Life is an eye opener, at least to me. 
Jeff was a Lambda Chi Alpha when he attended Indiana State University. Not every University or College recognizes Greek Sororities and Fraternities as a major part of their campus organizations. At some schools it's a big deal, at other schools they hardly recognize it.
To many they say, what's the point?  It's snobby rich kids.  Or they exclude people.  It's a secret organization.  It's just plain weird.  I guess it can be all of the above ... but not every chapter's sole purpose is to have the best parties.  The friendships and camaraderie they establish is second behind what they stand for when it comes to volunteering for a cause or a philanthropy awareness.  Sissy's sorority has strict rules on academics and they need to maintain a high grade point average to participate and continue in the organization.  Alumni are a great support to the sororities often recommending 'sisters' for placement and employment and fundraising!

There are a lot of beautiful spots around campus to take pictures.  One place is in front of the 6 Iconic Columns.  These are the only remains left after a major fire in1892. Read about it here .

It was a nice fall weekend to drive the 7-1/2 hours to visit with our beautiful, smart and fun daughter.  We are so fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to experience some of the college LIFE through our children.  Their POSSIBILITIES for their future are endless.

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