Friday, July 25, 2008

You can't have enough cupcakes!

Okay, so I got super inspired with the cupcake idea. I came up with a few more layouts... thanks to Markie's Mom.... her dotted frames and layers are just awesome, you could add any image and make it work with the layout. The black frame seems to make the card pop. I think the most layers I saw on a card of hers was over 17!! Does she mail these cards out??? I used my color wheel to get a sense of what might work together on the cards! Then for this little card pack, I made a special cup cake card case. The box is made like a pizza box and the ribbon can slide off. If anyone is interested I can do a

card box tutorial... there are so many cute ways you can package your cards for gifts!!!

Now, the one thing I want to learn is posting to my blog, and being able to have the words next to the image, not at the bottom of the post. Anyone know how to do that??

Happy Friday!!


Kim H. said...

Happy Fri-cake day! I love all these fun cupcake cards! With blogger Peggy it is a format thing- when you put the photo in you can choose how you want the text!

Peggy said...

Thanks Kim! I'm experimenting with it now!!! Seems to work... overlapped a picture, but I'm trying!!

Beth Norman said...

It appears that you have your card "centered" rather than to the right or left. You can ask for it to go to the left or right prior to uploading your photo. I'm now using wordpress and you'll see that I have the same prob, although I see I accidentally figured it out, and then it reverted back again. Wordpress is a beast of its own.

I really like your cupcake cards. Are you a MarkiesMom lover like me? I noticed your lovely dots which Faith uses, and occasionally I do too. I find it adds to a card, don't you?

Your colour combos are awesome too. Looks like we both enjoy bright cards.

Thank you for your kind words on my thread at SS.


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