Thursday, October 22, 2009

And yet.... still nothing!

Another photo from the archives. That means Dell is not back in the kitchen, she was sicker than we thought, and Dr. PC needed yet another day to fix her!!!

This little out house brought to you by my mom, the creative energy behind little doo dads in my yard. Sad to say, this crapper from 2004 is no longer with us... not even sure it made the move. Although built like a rock, it did not weather as well as other s*** holes... hee hee! Sorry... I've been reading Julie and Julia..... or The Julie/Julia Project and I'm amazed at blogs (This book you might have seen recently made into a movie with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep as Julia Child) ... Why do people write blogs? What happens to them when people stop writing them?

Thank you to my loyal 'bleader' (blog reader... from Julie) Kim.... always making a comment, thank you!!!! Wow, how to get hundreds of people to read your blog every day! Is it possible to get a discussion going by simply leaving a few thoughts? To make your readers want more of what you have to say? Interactive and interaction of people all across the world? Oh, and of course blog candy.... free give aways to get them to come back!!!

Oh what people can do with a little time on their hands!!!

Happy Rainy Day!


Cheryl said...


You could run a Painted Furniture store! And, you are cracking me up with all that crapper talk!

Blogs... you're reading the book? Did you see the movie? I haven't done either.

Kim H. said...

I agree with Cheryl, you should open a painted furniture store! I love the bird house- I need some new birdhouses- mine are in the crapper! LOL!


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