Monday, October 19, 2009

Blue Screen of Death

It's true! One computer in the house has a virus. It's in the shop, some PC guy is trying to fix it. Yikes, here's hoping that he doesn't loose everything, well not that 'anything' was that important. More details as they come in.

Well, I am happy that I am working on the old, old computer... I'm finding these pictures of projects I have painted in the past. This first one is a planter. Teachers were giving it to a gardening teacher who was retiring.

The second one is an old piano bench, I believe my parents found on the side of a road. It's just to go in a garden area or a patio. Again, some teachers bought it to give to an enthusiastic parent volunteer they wanted to appreciate.

And finally, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Toy box. I think I painted this for a charity that had children's book titles as the theme of the sale. I don't remember what happened to it, or how much it brought in.

Go check out today, I'm being featured for a project I instructed at Taste of USA in Louiville in September.

1 comment:

Kim H. said...

Dang computer problems! Love the Goldilocks box/bench! So dang cute!


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