Monday, October 26, 2009

Positive & Negative anniversary cards

Only in the way the cards are viewed, not necessarily how the couple is. Here are two cards made out of the same bits and pieces. Sentiments inside just state Happy Anniversary. Used Cuttlebug die cuts to get the hearts, then realized I had punched them out pretty well and used the used paper to create another card with a similar look. I'll call it today's twofer!

Number 2

It's another dreary day.... but oh boy, there is laundry to fold, dishes to empty, a basement to vacuum, dogs to walk.... I can't wait!!!

Never underestimate human ingenuity. Margaret has spawned an amazing variety of names, some of which you wouldn't connect with the original in a million years. For example: Margot, Marguerita, Rita (!), Greta, Gretel, Gretchen, Marjorie (originally Margery), Margie, Maggie, Madge, May, Maisie, Daisy (!!), Maidie, Meg, and Mog. As for Peg, one historian writes, "the nicknames Mog and Meg later gave rise to the rhymed forms Pog(gy) and Peg(gy)." Can't say as I know a lot of Poggies, and can't say as I want to. But you see how Grandma Margaret wound up with Peg. But I am a true Peggy.

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Kim H. said...

Love Love love these! So fun to use all your scraps!


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