Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Couple of Three, Tri-Fold Cards

Okay, I finally saw enough of these cards at SCS and decided I had to make one, then it turned into three different ones! They are a little more involved, but fun once you get all the measurements correct.
It's the size of a regular card, but witht he score pal, it's easy folding... next I have to find an EASY way to cut inside the folds... maybe my exacto needs a new blade. I'll try that next!
You'll have to tilt your head for the cupcake card. Hmmmm, that's for someone's special birthday.... I hope she get it today in the mail!!! CKB!
Nice day for a walk... it was cloudy when I started but now it's bright blue skies and cool fall temps. I'm off to find some body paint and a tiara!!! Stay tuned to see what they are being used for!


Chaotic said...

wow...awesome cards, Peggy!!!! And I must say, I DO love the Scor-Pal... found a place to store it where it is within reach so it makes it easier to remember to USE it!!

Kim H. said...

These totally rock! I LOVE my scor-pal!


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