Friday, October 09, 2009

This is the title

of today's post because the weather outside is dreary and I can't come up with anything creative, Just Because! Here is another card where I pieced left over scraps on a base, zig zagged it together then used it for a background. Put layers on a la Markie's mom.... and voila... a cute finished card. The flowers and pot are something that Zindorf did a while back, using an oval punch and shading.

It's homecoming this week at the kids high school. Today is the pep rally and then the parade. My job was to get the Freshman V-ball team shirts for the parade. The school general theme is Disney, so they are going as Snow White and the 17 Dwarfs. The coach is snow white. The shirts got done yesterday and to save $5 each, I printed their 'dwarf' names on the back of the shirts... in about 1-1/2 hours cuz Sissy wanted me to bring them to their v-ball game (they won) last night. After the parade is a block party, but DH and I are working the sophomore football game concessions.

Bubba's hockey team's parents always work homecoming so the football parents can watch the game. Then tomorrow is a big tournament, 2 JV games tomorrow and 2 more games on Sunday with the finals. Bubba's hockey team is sponsoring the first time event, I'm helping with registration (this is what I painted the chair for the raffle) and then the Homecoming Dance is tomorrow night. I heard there was a chance of snow!!! Oh, won't Sissy be happy with her bare arms and legs wearing her cute Homecoming Dress!!!!

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Kim H. said...

Such a creative card! Man oh Man the weather in MN is gorgeous! Nice and sunny!


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