Thursday, November 07, 2013

Get on Board

Do. Or do not. There is no try. ~ Yoda

I put a little 'twist' on my post today of  discovery, to focus a bit on my evolving and learning.  I am super thrilled about Pinterest.  I've heard that some call it the 'fantasy football' league for women. 
Where in one place can you get so many ideas, from home decorating to fashion, from recipes to simple DIY projects?  And so much more....
So, a few months ago I saw this cute DIY post for a card board.  That sounds kind of funny when you say it... seems like you are saying cardboard... which you are.... it's a board to hold your 'greeting' cards. 
If, and when I actually attempt to sell my creative greeting cards at a craft fair you need to have a display to show the goods.  For a few years I've been looking for old indoor window shutters with the louvers, because I saw a display where they have the card behind the slat and you can display a lot of cards at once.
Simply said, I've not found what I have in mind.  But then I saw this card... board. Not only had to try and make it.... I had to DO.

It is 4 boards that are 4" x 4'.  Cheapest boards I could find at $3.49 each.  I actually had Menard's cut the 10' boards at 4 feet for me (they did it free).  I sanded the heck out of those four boards to
a: get rid of all the splinters and
b: to distress the edges of the wood.

I used paint stirring sticks on the back to hold the four boards together. On the backside using wood glue and a staple gun I lined the boards straight and flat and then put the stir sticks across horizontal and stapled the hell out of them.  I probably could use two more stir sticks, but that will be for next time.

I painted the boards with some extra exterior house paint I had on hand.  Sanded up the edges of the boards again once it was dry... distress is best.  On the raw wood I was supposed to use wood stain, but all I had was Distress Ink in my craft stash, but that worked.... it's all about making the wood look worn.
Wrap twine around the boards, overlapping and twisting along the entire board.  Tie with a secure knot on back.  Add clothes pins.  The more distressed and worn the clothes pins the better.  Don't want any of those pristine ones that you can actually get from the Dollar$tore.
I have floor space and room enough to display this four foot stand.  The DIY on Pinterest used it as a Christmas Card holder.  She used holiday floral picks with pine cones and red ribbon and attached it to a spot on the top corner.  But actually, you could make a 'clip on' pick and change this up for any holiday or celebration... for someone's birthday you could add a banner hanging from the top, you could use this to display photos, postcards, kids art.....

Or even, a cute, whimsical, one of a kind.... creative greeting!!!
Brighten Someone's Day
with FuN MaiL!!!

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