Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Most Valued Customer

Words a girl loves to hear...

Do any of these words catch your attention????
Week #45 LIFE'S Simple pleasures - discovery
Obviously, if you've been following my blog for any amount of time, although I take my writing seriously, the 'twist' I take on LIFE, is supposed to be about LEARNING, INSPIRING, FEELING, EVOLVING and SHINING regarding simple pleasures!
What a feeling to walk into a store and find an item you needed is 'on sale'.
I always think of shopping as the art of the find!
Like in yesterday's post (just scroll down) its fun to find a BOGO.... buy one get one free, especially if you have someone to share the 'other' one with.  Really?  What in LIFE is FREE anymore?  But just the idea you're getting something FREE is an incentive for any good shopper!!
Kohl's Department store is actually my all time favorite store!! I am one of their MVCs... Most Valued Customers! And have been sine 1987.  I mean, who doesn't love a SALE, and then on top of that, getting 30% marked off your purchase.  Great marketing!!!!  And to prove their point... they ALWAYS circle in red at the bottom of your receipt how much you actually saved on that days purchase!!!
And in this economy, who doesn't want to $AVE more money.  There are few things we really NEED to survive... food, shelter, clothing, family, love... but being light hearted and fun.... it's great when the things we WANT are 'on sale'.
Your most important sale in life is to sell yourself to yourself.  Maxwell Maltz

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