Friday, November 01, 2013

Mish Mash Stash


Cute kids ahead!

I must admit that it's only November 1st and I'm done with Halloween, and ready to move on to the next holiday or event or special occasion. The pumpkins are ready for the trash bin, the candy bag is empty and definitely the weather has changed!
Do you ever feel that way?  Weeks of preparation, the anticipation and excitement erupts everywhere, then it's pouring rain for the event, 4 hours later the light goes off and this holiday is in the history books.... so to speak!
Does every event have to flash by so quickly now?
Week #44 LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - Halloween
I've been blogging all week about my kid's Halloween costumes.  When they were quite young there were few choices and easier persuasions when deciding the perfect costume. Looking back, I enjoyed making their costumes, but I'm sure at the time, I was stressed about buying them versus making them and why things had to be so expensive!!
I believe these pictures are from 1998, and yes, although store bought, these costumes were part of their normal every day play.  We truly got out monies worth with this dress-up fashion statements.  Can't help but show our Packer pride in the Green and the Gold.

I don't want to say (admit) all holidays are for the young, but by becoming empty nesters this year, sadly, I have a different understanding of the excitement, and the interest is no longer the same in our home! 
I still love getting caramel (or candied apples) and purchasing bite size candy.  I have fun walking through the garden center and picking out the perfect pumpkin.  I like putting out simple (yet tasteful Halloween decorations). And I love scanning the costume aisle at Target. Now it's to see what silly costume I can dress my dogs in. (no, I did not buy my dogs costumes, this year!!!)
But, I miss being the room mom with the Interactive Halloween Story, GHOST bingo, bobbing for marshmallows, costume parades down the hallways throughout the school, Mish Mash Hot Potato and helping my kids pick out their costumes. I miss the rush of afterschool snacks and getting the costume put on, to find that a piece is missing or something needs to be stitched closed. I miss their excitement of meeting up with friends in the neighborhood and the stories they have to tell.
What I'm finding out this year is that LIFE'S journey takes us on many different roads.  I've been down that Halloween costume road and now it's time to enjoy the happy memories. And to be proud that I was able to share these events with my kids.
However, I miss looking through their stash of candy and finding the things I like!!
Happy All Saints Day!!!!

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