Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just A Note

The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between - Mozart

Week #46 LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - music
It would be very interesting if in 'real' LIFE we had background music!  What would your soundtrack say about you?
I think my music during the day would be very quiet and calm, and at night during my dreams... kind of wild and strong!
Song lyrics are a great place to find words for sentiments inside a card or a note.

A Note: a brief informal letter, a brief record.
Words make you think a thought
Music makes you feel a feeling
A song makes you feel a thought
~ E.Y. Harburg

When a singer/song writer is asked where they get inspiration for their music and their lyrics, they often point to something that happened in their life ... be it an awful tragedy, a dramatic break up, a joyful experience, an undying love or a great memory.
Maybe with LIFE'S simple pleasures, you will write someone a note (** hint** most all the cards you see here on my blog are for sale.... one of kind, unique and ♥artfelt). And take inspiration from a song and music that invoke a good memory with a special person!
Brighten Someone's Day
 I can't explain it, but I'll find a song that can.

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