Friday, November 15, 2013

Music Speaks

Music should either move your feet or move your heart.

LIFE is like a piano. The white keys are happy days and the black keys are sad ones. Just remember that you need both to make music.
Week #46 LIFE'S simple pleasures - music
It is truly amazing all the different types of music we can listen to.  Now with satellite radio and cable television, and easy access to songs on Itunes, you can turn to hundreds of different channels to listen to thousands of different genres of music without ever stepping foot into a record store!!! (what the heck is that??)
In almost every walk of LIFE, even if you don't play a musical instrument, or read music .... or even sing.... you can appreciate the feelings and memories music brings to you.
I hope that reading my blog posts you've been able to take a few moments and reflect on some of LIFE'S simple pleasures ... it's funny how a melody sounds like a memory.
LIFE without music would simply B flat.
There are six more weeks left in 2013 .... the Year of LIFE'S Simple Pleasures ... I am so excited that I was able to post every week to my blog with something new!!!
Now go Brighten Someone's Day!

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