Monday, November 11, 2013

Tune In

LIFE, is one grand, sweet song, so start the music - Ronald Reagan

Original Album circa 1977
I admit it, I'm one of those people who sings along (really loud) with songs on the car radio and gets the words wrong. 
I have forever .... and always.  I'm no longer ashamed... because there are many people like me!  And what's so interesting about that is, I know how to read music, I have played piano, cello and violin.... I have sung in 5 different choirs... and still I find it quite amusing to make up my own song lyrics when I don't really know what the artist originally intended to 'say'.
Week #46 LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - music
Now I'm going to sound old here, but in my LIFE time I have listened to music in all different forms on all different types of 'things'.... vinyl albums, 8 track tapes, Audio Cassette Tapes, Compact Discs, Itunes.
The above photo is one of the really cool album covers we have on display in our house.  It's classic in artistry design, as well.  We have no record player or turn table.  I couldn't find any cassette tapes lying around the house either... those have faded away like a memory.  We do however, have a 'few' CD's.... collecting dust in some cabinets.... when is the right time to purge those babies??

Funny how a melody sounds like a memory.
Often, music evokes a memory in our LIFE
There is more types of music than I have fingers and toes to count, but I think we are all familiar with these different genres: Blues, Jazz, Rock N Roll, R & B, Rap, Pop, Rock, Classical,  Country, Disco ....

I find it so dang interesting that this piece of audio equipment in the above photo is almost obsolete and it's only about 3 years old.  It's an iPod Shuffle. It can hold hundreds of songs and it fits inside the palm of my hand!
My taste in music ranges from 'you need to listen to this' to ' I know, please don't judge me.'

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