Monday, November 04, 2013

Loose Change

Money can't buy you happiness, but money can buy you ice cream and that's kind of the same thing.

Week #45 LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - discovery
There can be a lot of different ways to describe this week's Simple Pleasure.  I thought it would be fun to highlight some things we get, find, or discover.
There are so many things in our LIFE to celebrate, and some of the best things in LIFE are Free. 
So, as I write this, there are seven more weeks left in 2013.
There is always something new to discover! (or new to you/me) Because there are so many great things, it's a small challenge to group some of them together to write a cohesive post. This week I find a few simple pleasures that are a great little moment of discovery

It's a great day when you discover (find) money! 
Oh, it doesn't happen to everyone, but when you find a $10 bill in your winter coat pocket, you feel like you have won the lottery!!!
Okay, finding a penny on the sidewalk isn't as exciting... but if you are somewhat superstitious, or you have a small child with you... I'm sure you think to yourself.... see a penny pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck. Find a penny, leave it lay, and you'll have bad luck all the day. 
But, finding paper money on the sidewalk?  You don't know if you dare pick it up?  Look around to see if anybody is nearby looking for something?  Or just chalk it up to finders keepers!!!! cha-ching!
Hey, it was exciting to find money in the phone booth coin slot!  I don't think anyone under 40 will get that... what's a phone booth??
Another place that it's fun to discover some money is in the cushion of a couch or underneath the car seat.  Even if it's only some change, that discovery of money makes your day, especially if you can buy a favorite beverage with it.
I knew someone who bought a pair of jeans at a resale shop for her niece, and when she got them home and the young girl tried them on... they discovered a twenty dollar bill in the front pocket.  It's like winning the lottery!!
Sometimes, big money can be discovered when the newspaper lists names of those that have  unclaimed property or authorized government money refunds.
Although, the true simple pleasure is finding only a few bucks.
There are people who have money and there are people who are rich.  Coco Chanel

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