Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pssst, it's Halloween, Boo!

Shadows of a thousand years
raise again unseen,
voices whisper in the trees,
tonight is Halloween!

Week #44 LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - Halloween
Do you have a favorite Halloween?  Was it a party you went to?  Or did you have the perfect costume? 
This weeks' simple pleasure is brought to you by: a tradition or a contraction of "All Hallows Evening".  We no longer celebrate All Saints Eve, which leads us in to All Souls Day.... but who wants to go back that far into Christian traditions... that evolved into Pagan celebrations?
Just give me some candy if I dress up and act silly!!!
I'm not evil.... I'm good with a twist!
I've gone back in the archives looking at my little  monster's Halloween costumes.  Now that they are both in college, I wonder what they will be? I no longer direct them, what and how to dress up for this sinister day.
Sissy has been everything from a princess to a SheDevil!
Although this looks like a store bought costume... we actually got it at Goodwill and didn't have to modify too much to make it fit. hee hee She was in 5th grade for this one.
Blood Donors needed, see the count.
It's great when the kids can 'grow' into a costume and it can be used over and over again.  Here, Bubba fits into the Dracula cape his dad wore 6 years prior to this picture. Add a little face paint and some plastic fangs and the costume seems brand new... or very authentically old!!
LIFE'S simple pleasures... Halloween costumes.... these a just a smidgen better than just a store bought one!
Happy Halloween!!!!

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