Monday, October 28, 2013

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Oh, being normal is vastly overrated!

Week #44 LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - Halloween

How can you NOT marry a man who is willing to put on make-up and go to a Halloween party dressed as Herman Munster?

Here we are, 25 years ago ready to par-tay! Ha ha!! Boo!!!

I do not know how and why I came up with this costume, but I think we made (make) a great couple!

I do know I purchased all of our clothing at Value Village and modified it to work on us.  I added slits to the arms in the dress to make it look more like Lily's. I even made a bat necklace that you can't see in this picture.  Jeff is stuffed up front with a pillow to create the bulk of Herman Munster.  He didn't have black platform boots, so we put black socks over some work boots he had, and they looked bulky and chunky.  He even let me paint his finger nails black.  I tried to stick 'bolts' to his neck and painted stitched on his body where bits and pieces were sewn together. And I rented the long black wig.

How fun were we?!?

It seems the bloodier and the gorier a costume can be, the better it is for scaring during Halloween.  I love monsters, but cute ones!  Dressing up or guising for Halloween became quite popular in United States in the 1930s, where companies started to produce costumes you could purchase.
I can create a greeting card for anything!!
A lot of people don't send out Halloween cards.... but there are so many cute characters to have fun doodling.  Being a card maker for a very long time... there is no reason NOT to send a card.  Everybody loves to get FuN MaiL.  A handwritten note in a cute card can brighten someone's day!!
Celebrating Halloween is a fun and simple pleasure.  Make a silly face and give yourself a piece of candy!!
It's the most frightening, scary, spooky, creepy, ghastly, ghoulish, grisly, wonderful time of the year.
Happy Halloween!!

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