Friday, October 25, 2013

Bed of Roses

You've made your bed, now lie in it.

Week #43 LIFE'S simple pleasures - my/your bed

I chose to focus 2013 on LIFE'S simple pleasures as part of the House of Shine's Year of Project and to put a twist on it, here is another way to define my year:

L - learning
I - Inspiring
F - Feeling
E - Evolving
S - Shining

...looking at every day things, little things, and free or inexpensive things that bring me joy and happiness. 

What a better way to share that by writing my experiences here on my blog.  It's a way for me to incorporate my love for writing and my enthusiasm to show off my photography, paper crafting, cooking and in general, creating!

Things I do every day:
1 Get up
2 Survive
3 Go back to bed

Earlier this week, I asked if you make your bed.  Strange question, right?  I am often validated in my writing by some sort of sign.  And yes!  Sometimes I really have to search for a 'sign'... but this week it was obvious. 
Part of my journey for 2013 is seeking out happy things, simple things etc... I have the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and I was inspired to follow her blog and Facebook sites. Right before I began writing this post she posed a question on Facebook (she does this most days, is she writing another book?) but her question was: Do you make your bed?
So far she has 249 responses before 9am central time.  Here are a few:
Every day. Makes the room look instantly better - D
No, whats the point - T
Yes, it makes me feel I got one thing done today - B
Absolutely.  Takes two minutes - P

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
Now, in the BIG picture of LIFE, what does it matter if you make your bed or not?  But the principle of the question is part of the root to writing my blog....I need to make the time to enjoy LIFE'S simple pleasures.  Having a comfortable bed is one of them.  And for week #43, anything that relates to the bed is something that I want to learn more about...
Sometimes the dreams that come true in LIFE are the dreams you never knew you had...
I am into Week #43 of this year and what an adventure it has been discovering the simple things in LIFE. Maybe I found my bed of roses and am leading and easy and peaceful LIFE.  But I do think every now and then....
 LIFE is short.... jump on the BED.

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