Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Witch One?

Too cute to spook!!

Week #44 LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - Halloween
I am so happy that I am a creative soul!!!
I am so lucky to have pictures of my kids during special events in their young lives. Who knows what I might have done with lots of  'extra' money and how our lives would be captured, if the digital world began 20 years ago.
Would have, could have, should have.... but this is what it was!!
Pirate Boy up above is trying to convince the faire princess to do something!  All the clothing is from some sort of thrift shop in Tennessee.  I modified Sissy's long gown and used the excess material to create the cone shaped hat.  Added an elastic band to secure it better on her tiny golden locks.  She'd go running and the hat would tip off the side anyway.  Bubba's pirate pants are ripped up from the bottom to give him that rugged tough look! The perfect stripped sweater gives him the fashionable look for pirates these days!! Add a simple eye patch and a bandana.... and a few whiskers on the face.... aargh matey.... he is ready to collect some booty!!!!

The above photo is circa 1999 and we have a pop princess and a Star Wars Jedi Warrior. 

Sissy has plenty of dress up costumes in her stash, it's just a matter of witch :) one.  Learning how to busta-move in dance class, the ultimate pop star pose is most important.  Add some flashy sun glasses and some fun boots and she is all set to ring some doorbells and gather lots of candy.

I must admit that Bubba's warrior costume by far is one of my all time favorites to make!  His mask is actually a gallon milk jug, painted with precision.  His costume is sewn from a 'choice' material and includes a warrior belt and gators to protect his boots.  Not shown: his official Star Wars light saber sword.

Ah, and again we have another 'princess' and the hockey player.  This beautiful Snow White costume was a lend-me-over.... instead of a hand-me-down.... we borrowed it from a costume designer mom.  A simple head band was added and instead of Snow White's gorgeous black hair, we decided to stay tow head blond and portray a Cinderella Snow White! Notice the 'oh look at me' cute head tilt?!!
Who knew this 2nd grade hockey player wanna be, would eventually play on 3 different hockey teams, in two different states all the way up to the Varsity team in High School.  But here is where it all started, on roller blades.  We added a bike helmet and knee pads and some of dad's white socks to get this look.  Tough guys always need a little black under the eyes to prevent the glare of the ice getting into their eyes! (Roller blades not worn in this picture, to save him from rolling off the front porch step.)
When witches go riding
and black cats are seen
the moon laughs and whispers
'tis near Halloween
Here the kids are.... 3rd grade grave yard monster and the 1st grade teenage witch
Bubba's costume are all clothes I purchased at Goodwill.  I added some paint to make things seem old, there are precise holes and rips in certain areas and a little bit of red paint to indicate some dried blood.  The white face make-up with a few stitches make this 10 year old a gruesome dude.
This cute witch had a custom made dress sewn specifically for her.  Don't look too close.... some parts may be attached with safety pins and glue!  This is another costume that I enjoyed creating (or the technical term in the theater... costume building ) ... although there were lots of witches at the time.... there were none as cute as this one!
So I admit it now.... I probably could have gotten off cheaper purchasing store bought costumes for my kids.  But what fun is that???? That frugal side of me takes over and I say to myself.... I could make that!  And then I actually try to. 
Were there some costume failures, yes!!!  But there were more costume successes.... and hopefully one day.... some day.... my kids will look back and realize that my 'job' being their mom brought me so much pleasure .... and to see their happy and excited Halloween faces was one of  my LIFE'S joys and simple pleasures!!!!

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