Tuesday, October 02, 2012

BE You

 I had so much fun with my most recent heArt Journal Entry. 
 Look at all of these fun,  fun, fun houses!!
With all the inspiration I'm getting from my on-line Brave Girl Art school class, I can't help but think all of the time....painting, paper piecing, inking, doodling, using mod podge, and mixing all kinds of media. 

Then my thoughts wonder and I'm off ... and I'm also going to some of my favorite places like Christy's here.
She had a great tutorial to create something similar to this.
If you can 'imagine it'... you can create it.

And all you have to do now.... is BE YOU... who else could you be???


K Hutchinson said...

Peggy Peggy Peggy, this is amazing! I love it to pieces! I think I need more details on your Brave girls class!!!!!!

Peggy said...

I was inspired from two different places, Brave Girls and Christy... mixed media is fun... but I still have to kinda copy!!!


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