Sunday, October 07, 2012

Welcome Mat

There are a lot of things I love about my house.  One of my favorite things is our front porch.  It wraps around and I can decorate it for the seasons.

I love re-using things I already have, and then I just freshen them up. 

I have an old milk can.  I think I got it from my mom who grew up on a farm.  I bet some 'older' folk can't believe what's old is new... that we have all the 'new' houses, but we want to decorate them with antiques.... things people tossed around the barn! I've painted the can numerous times... I think at one point is was red.

There is a small garden center up the road from our house and I feel I always get great flowers at a good price (for Illinois standards).... It's so fun to have the resources to decorate our home.  Of course, I love to go to Pinterest to get inspiration!
Happy Fall!

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