Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life: Just Be

 Okay... I admit it...  I am more of a 'creative' thinker in the morning than I am after 10pm at night. 

For years I have written my blog before 9 am most mornings... but now that I'm working outside the home... I just can't manage my creative time... for writing, cardmaking, crafting, decorating.... learning! 

So, being a Brave Girl... I'm learning a new 'craft' of  making painted and etched leather bracelets.  You can see another one I made... above.... for my friend BE!  I just love finding things that relate to her's like a secret code between us.  Now I want to make more of these leather 'things'... but the tools to do this right, will co$t me.... not sure I want to invest in yet another crafty craft... I need to find 'cheaper'... more frugal tools somewhere....
And, here is another 'truth' card.  I am so loving funky flowers and meaningful quotes and then adding the colors I'm feeling that day... and then collaging everything together... all of this in a 4" x 6" card front.

So excited to get a text from my college student today.... some of the presidential candidates supporters are making their rounds at the University of Iowa and the boy is really getting into helping make a difference in his life and future. BE a fact checker!! Make 'informed' decisions.


jumbledhutch said...

I love that painting and bracelet! I must take the Art Class next time! It looks like you are having a blast! You are totally inspiring me to drag out my MR metal art stamps. I won them all in a contest last year (I think it was last year). I am more of a morning creative soul too!

Peggy said...

Lucky duck.... you won metal art stamps!!!!! So fun to win!!! I'm not completely starting a new hobby, but it sure is fun to dabble in a lot of different things... thanks for stopping by!


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