Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Decode the Signs

If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk? ~ Laurence J. Peter

Week #49 LIFE'S simple pleasures - a sign

Nothing is a sign unless we interpreted as a sign ~ Peirce

A nameplate is a actual sign.  It identifies the person behind the door.  Sometimes it gives you their title... so you know their importance in the company. 

Signs also literally direct you to your destination.  I used to work at a sign company.  It sounds funny now as I type this... but there are formulas to get you inside the door and direct you as simply as possible to your final destination. 

Twenty two years ago I worked at a company named Modulex Inc. (a Danish Company) and some of their signs were based off of Legos.... building blocks. With information (letters, numbers, company logos) printed on them, they could be interchangeable and fit the needs of each customer. Other signs were digitized vinyl and some were cut outs and back lit.

It's a bit hard to tell from this photo (which is a good thing) but each of the letters above is an individual tile placed on a board that looks like the top of a Lego block.  The 1 inch name plate is then slide into a holder.   My job at the time was to take the salesman's information and put it into a comprehensible designed quote so that they then, could present it to the client.
There is some thought put behind directing you into a hospital, library or office complex. 
You need to know where to enter.  Parking in the correct lot is very important.  Finding the entrance to the building is the next thing you need to know.  Once inside the building, unless you have been there before.... a  updated and complete directory provides you with further information.... names, room numbers, levels, hours of operation etc.... After reading the directory you need to decide which way to go.... left, right, to the elevators, up the stairs --> 
Once you are heading in the right direction, the next thing is to be reassured you are going the correct way.  Especially if there are lots of hallways, doors and exits.  Once you've almost made it to your final destination, you need a sign that says where you are.  You are here!!  Room 203 PRDesigns Office! 
And lastly, and not so inSIGNificant.... you need to know how to 'get out'.  Signs to direct you to whence you came! EXIT.... stage left.
So, do you need an actual sign to direct you in LIFE
Or do you have Homo Significans?.... meaning makers!

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