Monday, December 09, 2013

Paw Prints in the Snow

Hello, December
Make my wishes come true

Week #50 LIFE'S simple pleasures - winter
The jury is out when thinking about winter as a simple pleasure.  I might have to categorize it as a needed pleasure, for rebirth of our earth.
I could be like everyone else and say, "Where has this year gone?" I'm sure y'all have heard it before.
However, when I think back, this has been a terrific year!  I was able to document each and every week something new (or maybe, even old).  But it was a year filled with noticing LIFE'S simple pleasures.
This post may be a bit of deja vu`.  In week #2, I posted about snowflakes! 
I guess that is pretty close to posting about winter!  This entire year I've made specific posts about the seasons, so of course I need to finish out with winter.... which doesn't officially start until my mother-in-laws birthday on December 21. It's always the shortest day of the year.... day light speaking.
Winter is the coldest season of the year.  We have cold temperatures and snow because the earth is oriented away from the sun.
You can't get too much winter in winter - Robert Frost

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