Monday, December 02, 2013

It's a Good Sign

It's a sign.

They are everywhere!

Week #49 LIFE'S simple pleasures - signs

This simple pleasure might get me into trouble!! 

You know sometimes when people are in a certain place and something odd happens to them?  And if they are spiritual, symbolical or superstitious... they might say that the event that is occurring "is a sign" .... that they should... or should not do something? 

It's a sign, is another play on words for me... yes, there are ACTUAL signs that say something like: FOR SALE .... or look at me because I'm cute,  but there other signs just out there hanging in space... that our mind catches on to.

The study of signs and sign processes is called Semiotics.  I have never heard this word before, but I am curious, and that is why this weeks simple pleasure may get me into trouble!!!

First the concept.... and then the design.... it's all a process in LIFE.

Stay tuned!!


K Hutchinson said...

Signs are everywhere...write or not...I truly believe that! Everything happens for a reason! You pup is pure cuteness!

Peggy said...

It's weird how we can miss the 'sign' sometimes, but it does happen!


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