Friday, March 14, 2014


There are so many little things in the works. 
And nothing is complete.
That frustrates me a bit.
But, it's all POSSIBLE.

I'm still a SHINE girl and I am working both inside and out!
You can read more about my being a SHINE Girl here.
Week #1  I acted on these prompts ...
BE. Grateful
I posted what I was grateful for on sticky notes around my front entryway mirror.
DO. Something Unexpected
I sent some FuN MaiL decorated with yellow markers and doodles.
SHARE. Your ingenuity.
I was asked to make something I can give away that is related to this months SHINEworks project ... a simple #2 pencil. More pictures to come.
It's week #2 and I've been given a few more tasks.  Here's what I've done.
BE. Nostalgic

Connect with someone.  I have put a little twist on this action.  I left out ... you've fallen out of touch with, swap photos.
It's kind of an inside joke ... but the task is...
BE. Nostalgic
What's fun is my friend on the left is BE.  Just BEBElieve. BE-u-tiful. Just BEcause
BE, my friend B-ecky E-llis!!!
We met over 20 years ago when we worked for the same company in Wisconsin.  She was an outside sales rep out of Utah, I was inside sales.
We connected! 
Something clicked! 
In the beginning, we were both newlyweds and then new moms.  Our hand-written letters and cards were as frequent as they could be, comparing trials and tribulations of being woman with different backgrounds, religions and landscapes.  But then when we talked on the phone, we couldn't believe how similar we were, trying to live good, clean, honest lives, raise wonderful productive children and laugh and cry through some of the most unusual stuff.
Handwritten letters changed to type written notes. In between all that we would send treats through snail mail.... trying to find something unusual that encompasses our long friendship.  Then letters changed to emails (some long, some short, some finished, some not) and now we text and even facetime.... sending little videos to each other.
And our hope one day (soon) is that 18 years is a long time not being in the same state, city, room together,  that we can reconnect and just giggle... and go on from there.

Next.... I need to DO. Something Scary..... stay tuned ... in a little over 72 hours I predict that something like that will happen!
And lastly.  Week #2 SHARE. Shine
Inscribe 10 PR Greetings with inspiring messages of hope.

Here is part 1.  Don't be alarmed (RAGE)..... they will turn into SHINE! These are just the playing cards I use to up cycle to....

In twenty years you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked.

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