Monday, March 24, 2014

Week #3 SG

It's time for an update!

Last week was week #3 of my SHINE Girl project.  I was given 3 new tasks from the House of Shine and here is what they were, and what I did!! BE.DO.SHARE

BE. Optimistic

Turn lemons into lemon bars. 

I don't think I've made lemon bars from scratch before, but thank goodness for my friend Betty.  I didn't really have good news to share when leaving this sunny treat out for others, but it was a great pucker up, pick me up on a busy day!

DO. The Great Outdoors
Plant something yellow in your yard.

Those great friends at the House of Shine don't quite get that in some parts of the USA, although it says SPRING on the calendar, some of us still have snow on the ground and high temperatures reaching only a balmy 31 degrees.  So, instead of planting something yellow in my yard, I pulled out my lovely 'fake' daffodils and filled a special planter in my hall to brighten up the front entry way!
SHARE. Sunrise
Set your alarm clock for early one day this week and rise with the sun.  Journal all the colors, words thoughts.... use your ideas to begin a creative project.

With the recent daylight savings time change, a traveling husband, one kid home for college spring break, two confused puppies and a new altered routine .... getting up before the sun was a little bit of a challenge.... but it was spectacular!!!
I love the stillness a new day has. 
Spring is in the air, but nature isn't cooperating just yet.  The birds were chirping and there were arguments sprouting in different trees and bushes around our house.  The frost on the front yard was like a light white blanket.  The air was crisp and I could see my breath. There is still icky snow that has turned into dirty car exhaust ice.... yuck!  I was able to just absorb the sights, the sounds, and the smells.
I will have to Share another sunrise.... when the days start to get warmer. It is something I look forward too!  Maybe I'll have to try and see what a sunrise is like in Texas when I visit in about 10 days.  I'm really excited to see the real House of Shine!


Cheryl Houston said...

:) Looking forward to seeing you in Texas! Hoping we have some wonderfully warm and sunny days for when you are here!

Peggy said...

Thank you Cheryl! C U Soon!


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