Monday, March 10, 2014

Dog Poop HitsThe Fan

Every once in a while I need to write a post that is just for the awe factor ....

Sometimes.... well, most the time.... this little doggie is so darn cute!!!! I can't stand it!
Here Tucker is ... just chillin' out on his dad's lap.
He's going to be 5 years old soon!  All my babies are growing up!
Because I love dogs soooo much.... have I mentioned that before?  I started taking a class in October at a local dog training facility.  I was learning how to be a puppy and basic obedience class instructor.  Every other week I spent 3 hours in the classroom learning about dog behaviors and finding out methods that this facility used to train the owners of new pets.
After 18 hours of classroom work, it was time for us 'students' ....  I think maybe 8 in all (the classes were spilt on two different days, Thursday afternoon which I attended and Saturday mornings), to start working on the training floor. New puppy classes began the first of the year.  However, we had extremely cold weather in January and 2 classes were cancelled because the facility owner didn't want puppies coming out in -5 degree weather.
Although there were a few glitches assisting on the training floor, I instantly knew that I liked helping the new puppy owners training their puppies and dogs proper basic behaviors and manners.
Then something happened. 
The owner of the facility had a possible heart attack (details are sketchy) ... and one day we all (student trainees, trainers and dog owners) got an email that stated she was taking a sabbatical and was closing the facility and selling everything.  Five days later the place closed.
Luckily, (hopefully) it wasn't one of those horror stories that is documented on a news show.  She refunded paid tuition for classes booked in advance.  And us students were given certificates of completion of the training course. We had about 6  more weeks of floor training with the owners and their dogs.
It was quite disappointing.  But we'll see ... she told us when the doctor said she is healthy enough, she is planning on opening a new larger facility in 6 to 8 months.
In the mean time ... stay tuned!  A new POSSIBILITY is in my future!

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