Friday, March 28, 2014

Making Rage Shine!

Did you know that I was a card maker????

That's a trick question.

Here is a used deck of playing cards that I found in the game drawer.

What is an empty nest paper crafter to do when she starts to purge things that the 'kids' wont be playing with any time soon?
Add a little white acrylic paint and...
.... spread a bit of Sunny Yellow, smudge a bit of Antique Gold, ink a rubber stamped image or two, and mod podge sentiments with a few encouraging words to .... make them into a little 'pick me up'!!!!  That SHINES!!!!!
Everyone has SHINE in them. 
We don't always feel it, or even see it on a gloomy day. 
So, I decided to hand over some of my extra SHINE cards that were all 'decked' out!

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