Tuesday, April 01, 2014

*Final Four

Hey there blog friends!!! 

Yes, I've been missing for a few days.... very soon I will blog about what's been happening.... spring has arrived ... and with that, there are some changes. 

Today, I want to update you on the SHINE Girl project for week #4.  As part of my BE. DO. SHARE... here's what I did!!!!

BE. Quiet

For the length of time it takes  birthday candle to burn, sit silently with a journal and leisurely doodle your responses to this prompt:  When my life is ideal I am ....
Seeing LIFE, simply .... and appreciating all the 'things' GOD has blessed me with.
I'm glad it was only ONE candle!!!!  My birthday is coming real soon and I'm hitting a mile stone.... if I had to doodle for that many candles to burn ... I might have been doodle for like 50 minutes!!!
DO. Something Daring
Start a conversation in a public location, using sidewalk chalk.
I admit it!!!  I started lots of new conversations .... but sorry to say without sidewalk chalk!!!  We still had snow and ice on the ground last week ... no excuse .... but alas, I was unable to complete this task!
Share. Your Photos.
Photograph everything you see this week that Shines. Post them for others to see.

Can't help but see the mantra SHINE.... everywhere!!! {Michael's}

We finally got some warmer weather.  This flag "Lovin Life" was so bright in my front yard.  It's not the best photo ... but it was beautiful standing outside taking the picture!!!

Here is a whimsical card I sent out in some FuN MaiL!  I sure hope it brightened someone's day!!!!
That's a recap of week #4 and my SHINE Girl projects.  *March actually has 5 weeks in it!  I will have a few more things to share with you real soon!!!
There are secrets to be revealed and a few surprises too!! Who knows what else....
....come back and visit real soon!!

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