Friday, April 11, 2014

A Purpose to Re-Purpose

Sometimes ideas come quickly.

Projects turn out exactly how you wanted them to.

On time.

And then you literally wrap it up and give it away....
Thank goodness for my iPhone and having my 'camera' with me at all times.  It is much easier to let it go. 
I found a clearance/broken box frame at Hobby Lobby for $2.96 and a huge paper clip with a chip out of it.  Dang, I should have taken a picture of them before.... hmmm, maybe I do have it somewhere on my camera roll. 
I didn't know what I was going to do with that hot pink box frame and bright clothes pin.... and one day I was in my craft room and I saw them sitting in my stash of 'stuff' and I knew exactly how I wanted to re-purpose them.
Oh, I was giddy!!

With paint, scrap paper, mod podge, pre-punched letters .... a little inspiration (from Kelly Rae Roberts) and some imagination .... I turned two clearance items into some personalized pieces of art that made into a great gift for an awesome friend!
And directly from the House of SHINE....
Choosing to SHINE is a decision you make......

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