Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eat at Joes

So, the birthday week continues...

My sweetheart wanted to take me for lunch.  After the busy birthday weekend with the college boy here, friends in town for a volleyball tournaments and my parents not wanting to miss out on their 'baby' turning 50 ... it was time just for the two of us.

I like seafood!

Here we are taking a selfie so we could pass it along to the college girl and let her know where we were! 
Jealous yet???? 
Of course, right at the moment we snap the picture of ourselves... the wind decides to kick up!!!! Lovely hair flip!

Love the 'shack' feel. 
I'm not sure if they really made it to 'feel' old... or this one in Gurnee is really starting to get old with peeling paint and doors that stick! 
The food was good. 
I guess the very first time you go.... the excitement of it all.  Breaking the crab legs with no proper tools.  The mess. The taste.  The atmosphere. 
(But to be honest with you ... I think my husband makes better steamed crab legs from Sam's Club!!)
I love the bib!
After we had our lunch on Easter Sunday ... we went out for our first Geo Cache excursion of the year, and were 3 for 3.
It really was a beautiful day, and I am truly blessed. 
Next time.... I think Chef Jeff will be cookin' me some crab!! :0)

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