Monday, April 14, 2014

#hello yello

Yesterday was my birthday.  And I turned 29 again.... for the 21st time!!

As you know I love quirky.  I love whimsy.  I love unique.  And I love to SHINE!

So when the opportunity knocked I not only talked the talk, I walked the walk!!!!

I got invited to the REAL House of Shine and I felt some yellow coming on!!
1. give out a bright light
2. be very talented or perform very well
How does this relate to my birthday, you might ask?  Well, I'm getting to a point in my LIFE that I'm actually 'getting it'.  Don't ask me what 'it' is.... but recently things have been clicking.... I see the light. I'm having aha moments. I like to read my horoscope, it sometimes makes sense to me!
My horoscope reads.... As you focus on mutually fulfilling exchanges and possibilities that make you happy, success is yours over and over.
It's my year of POSSIBILITIES ... and I am open to anything that comes my way.  Thus the reason I was excited to visit the House of Shine in Texas ... and learn more ways that I can brighten my corner of the world.
How can these pictures with yellow everything not make you happy?
Yellow things to write on and write with ....

Yellow things to put in a Box of Shine and send to some very special people who somehow made something in my LIFE possible.
And finally, to finish off my March Shine Girl Project.... I was instructed to honor the people who have somehow helped me to become the incredible Shine Girl I am today.  Release a yellow balloon in each of their names from a meaningful place somewhere in your neighborhood. 
How lucky was I to release some Yellow Balloons in the neighborhood of the  real House of Shine and continue my 50th year by SHINING both inside and out.
Be Thankful.
Do Something Uplifting.
Share it with the Universe.
I am totally getting my purpose to power the planet with SHINE!
If you haven't yet.... go visit to find out more!

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