Monday, April 21, 2014

Tiny Paws

I remember naming him ... I'm not sure how we landed on his name exactly... I just recently looked up his name's meaning ... it fit's him to a T (sometimes!)

Sissy found him on-line at a shelter for Pomeranians.  It was a mugshot with his name below ... Elfie.

One origin of his name states that Tucker is ... to torment.  Yes, he does that sometimes!!
Another name origin is what a towel maker is in German.

I was in the back of the SUV keeping him company and calm on the drive when we brought him home.  We were going through a list of different names for him.  I must admit ... I have to go back and look on a calendar, I can't remember how old he is going to be this year ... I'll confirm.... but my tiny fluffball is going to be at least '6' years old!  I remember saying Forrest Tucker.... we had recently got back from a volleyball tournament in Kentucky.... Tucky.... Tucker!  Too, too, too ....cute!
He is very photogenic.  I'm not always the best photographer.  He moves quickly and blurs the picture. I think he's got quite a personality.  He sure has brought a lot of pep and vigor to our somewhat quiet house.
Fuzzy, Fluffball, Fozzy Bear, Tiny, Tuckman, Fluffy, Pee Pee Boy .... it's amazing what a little dog can bring to your life!

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