Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rover is in da House!

I think my blog posts have become  a little heavy and deep lately. 

Although not a chore to post something cute and whimsical .... LIFE as I know it has changed and I don't have the 30+ hours a week to play like I used to!

Without further adieu, I would like to introduce our new addition to the house .... his name is Rover!

Isn't he cute???

On Pinterest and other places I've seen a lot of metal art for the garden. 
I saw this 'rivoting' doggie at Hobby Lobby last week, and thought we'd make a perfect fit!!! He was the last one on the shelf, even the sales associate commented that I got the last one!!!
There were dogs and cats and frogs and chickens and owls..... but having another doggie for the yard was something I knew I really wanted.
He's tiny.  Only about 12" tall.  Almost eye to eye with Tucker, the wonder dog!!!!

I was hoping to post him basking in the sunlight, but alas.....Spring has not completely sprung here in the Midwest .... so you get what you get!!!!  He still SHINES!

What kind of trouble can our new doggie get in to?????  Two things I know for sure.... he wont be bringing me any baby bunnies to 'play' with.... and he wont be wondering into the neighbors yard!!!


Cheryl Houston said...


JB & I were in Hobby Lobby and he saw a metal donkey pinata. He said, I'm going to get this for you and if you don't want it then I'll put in my room and we laughed about it while I stated why don't you just buy it for yourself. Another shopper laughed along with us too.

About a week later, back in Hobby Lobby, he says very excited: Oh, Mom! I have to go get my donkey!
It just struck me very funny and I CRACKED UP to the point that the boys were getting embarrassed.

They were sold out! Someone else loved them too!

Peggy said...

Just like in Goodwill... if you see it and like it... you better buy it, because it wont be there tomorrow! But now JB can be on the lookout for another one ... and he'll grab it then!!!


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