Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's NOT a surprise

Outside my window to the world!

Although our calendar has said 'spring" for almost 3 weeks, I'm not surprised we got snow yesterday April 14.  I often tell people I had many birthday's growing up and either I was in my Easter dress or I was wearing a winter coat.  The weather... is truly unpredictable.

Here is my view off the front porch this morning.  I think it's quite pretty to look at.  At least the sun is SHINING!!!!

This week I'm going to focus on my birthday and how my actual birth date, time and year really describe who I am. 

And now that I hit this age milestone, I'm truly starting to understand that I have gifts to offer, not burdens to bare.  I'm an Aries and I need to keep physically busy.  Aries accomplish many things simply because of their restless energy. Personality traits, adventurous, versatile - jack of many trades, lively, stubborn, arrogant, indicipline - scattered, need to harness energy to be disciplined, lively!

I could complain about the snow. 

And everyone in the Midwest has certainly had a reason to complain about our winter, with record snowfalls and temperatures high in the  minus teens Fahrenheit.  But, I'm tired of the complaining from myself and most of all from others.  It's not that I have any control on the weather what-so-ever.  So, I'm trying really hard to adopt the philosophy to find things that SHINE, despite the obvious.

I'm also a Type #4 according to Carol Tuttle It's Just My Nature.  These are just a few words that she uses to describe my portrait: articulate, black & white, bold, calm, classic, conservative, efficient, focused, perfectionist, respectful, self-reliant, theatrical.  The list goes on.  More about my nature on another blog post.
But, also, too.... I am reading the book The Guide to Chinese Horoscope  by Gerry Maguire Thompson and I am a wood dragon: The dragon born under the influence of the Wood Element is more creative, imaginative and artistic type, while at the same time retaining the down to earth qualities...open to input and ideas of others.... Dragons want to get things done and find it hard to tolerate menial or insignificant work....
I find this all very interesting.  In a blog post there is no way that I can fully convince anyone who is a 'non believer' that the day, time and year I was born, I was created with.... strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative energy, yin and yang, gifts and talents, and certain traits that make me uniquely me!
One of my natural gifts (or maybe a curse) is perfecting!  That word to me has become an insult in my mind.... "Here's how we can make it better!"  I like to term it, now as Healthy Striving.  Nothing surprises me, everything surprises me... the only constant is change!
Stay tuned!

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