Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two Thumbs Up!

Anything is POSSIBLE, right???

I am celebrating my Year of Possibilities for 2014.

Who would have thought that just a mere two months into the year I would have a job at a very special place.  Just the name of the organization works perfectly with another special place that I am proud to be a part of.

Goodwill and House of Shine.

Personally ... I am still struggling with the fact that I am working at Goodwill. 

Because I thought that the people who worked there were/are different.
I admit that!

But let me tell you that in the two weeks that our brand new store has been open to the public ... we certainly are all very hard workers.  Our store is beautiful and clean!

It's the customers now that I believe are different!

I also admit that I would not be able to support my family with my earnings of minimum wage, but I am very fortunate and blessed how Jeff and I chose our path to where we are today!

Yesterday was our ribbon cutting ceremony as we were welcomed into the City of Crystal Lake Commerce.  I am in the picture too!   I'm a little blue.... well I'm really the blue mascot of Goodwill on the very left.  I have no proof that that is me!  I can suggest if you don't believe me to come visit the store and ask the store manager Jeff.  On second thought ... he might deny that ... ask for Cassie.... she was my handler!
G. Willikers!!!! That's 'its' name.... Cassie didn't want to be the mascot.... I jumped at the chance and volunteered to do it!  Why not???? My kids weren't around me ... so they couldn't be embarrassed.  And it was actually quite fun!  (Hot, but fun)
I have tiny little arms .... so I couldn't do too  much animation.... but I did thumbs up!  I waved .... a lot .... I did funny little dances!!! I made the kids in our 'special' work program laugh.  They are the ones in the orange t-shirts.  I was trying to *spread SHINE!
So, with a little more *perspective ... it is quite possible that I found a place that I can *use some of my strengths that I have been practicing throughout the past few years.  I can really try to help *bring out the best in others ... and just quite possibly... each day I go to work.... I can Brighten Someone's Day!
I didn't know how I could make this possible.... can you imagine where I could go from here? I guess you will just have to stay tuned to creative greetings and see what I can *create!!!
*some of the 10 Principles of Shine

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