Monday, April 28, 2014

Lowering the Shield

A few weeks ago I blogged about my birthday. 

Since it still is my 'birthday month' I thought the dogs would help me share another discovery I had that relates to the time I was born into this world.

According to The Guide of Chinese Horoscopes by Gerry Maguire Thompson I am a wood dragon

Dragons are often depicted as horrific, fire-breathing monsters.  Cooper and Tucker are not so sure what is in front of them!

I hope I wont be thought of like that... but I do agree with a lot of the trait characteristics ....  impulsive, authoritative, energetic ....

My birth date is April 13 which means that out of the 12 lunar months, my animal sign makes me a Dragon.  The earth element (water, fire, metal, wood) that prevails with my year of birth 1964 is wood. And it's all about the interpretation of yin/yang!
The Dragon born under the influence of the Wood Element is a more creative, imaginative and artistic type, while at the same time retaining the down-to-earth qualities that the fixed Earth Element already endows.
Wow, I really can relate to that!
Again, I don't live my days according to my horoscope.  But I do believe the day and time that I was born .... the world ... was at a certain point that when I arrived it was pre-determined the path and journey my life would take.
Wood Dragons can be innovative and creative in the executing of their plans.  Aware of their own shortcomings, these Dragons are more realistic than other Dragon types and are able to keep one on the risks involved in each of the options available to them.
I really feel in the past few months that I am understanding why I like the things I do. I feel good about how I handle certain situations.  I'm feeling more complete, even though there may be more uncertainty.
I will share more insights that I find about being a dynamic and bold type 4 person, different ways I seek a healthy striving life force and new reasons I can share and spread SHiNE ... on future blog posts. 
But I will make sure I take a breath mint after I breathe a little fire!!!!

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