Saturday, November 28, 2015

3 Easy Steps to Make a Greeting Card

I get so excited when I learn something new!
Well of course.... I could learn a lot of new 'things' , but when they change the way I've been doing something, that's when I get excited!!

This, is just a very simple doodle.  

It's an outline of 3 super cute woodland animals.  Although it is completely drawn by me, (can't help myself, I admit that I copied the idea from a Papyrus card) I put pen to paper, I committed my lines (no pencil beforehand).  Once all the lines were completed and closed... I took a picture with my Iphone of my picture, and uploaded this to my computer.

Since I love to learn... I have been taking an online class where I'm learning all kinds of things related to doodling and electronic doodling.  I was able to upload my art to my Photo Shop Element program and make my hand drawn doodle .... digital.... and color it in as you can see above.  They look even MORE animated!!!

My original hand drawn doodle is on the bottom right, on the keyboard  The computer screen holds my image and what it looked like when I digitized it, or colored it in and then I added the sentiment. Propped up on the left side is a completed card... with some PRDesign additions, embellished and dimensional.

Do you know what this means?????  I could make a lot more of the same exact card!!!  Well, that's good and bad, because I did pride my card making as unique and one of a kind, because each card is/was hand drawn!! Now, who knows where this could lead to.

As simple as one two 3.... well.... I could certainly have made one card quicker.  But now that I am learning to master this new technique, who knows what is possible.

My 2015 Year of Progress..... one step at a time I'm getting there!

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