Friday, November 06, 2015

Little vs. Big

Realize the impact of the little things.

I admit it.  
It's very hard to stop and smell the flowers in this busy world, but for the last 5+ years I literally do just that, STOP. Smell flowers. 
They all don't smell as pretty as they look, however! But I stop and take a moment and enjoy the view.

This cute 9 pound fur ball is feisty. 
His bite IS worse than his bark.  
He is so little.
His bark, his antics his presence, he brings such a level of joy and spunk to our quiet house.

Tiny reminders to SHINE

According to the authors The Power of Small: Why Little things make all the Differenceour smallest actions, words, and gestures often lead to our greatest long-term rewards and outcomes. 

Enjoy the little things in life for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things.

Number 5 of 10  Principles of Shine,  Realize the impact of little things.  Shining means being as good at the little stuff as you are at the big stuff, it means treating small opportunities with as much attention to detail as you do the big ones, House of Shine.

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Cheryl Houston said...

Love it, Peggy!

Peggy said...

Thank you Cheryl!


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