Monday, November 16, 2015

Count on Shining

It's a brand new week!

A chance to start things all over again.

According to the House of Shine, Principle number 9 is Be Accountable.

People who Shine understand that choosing to Shine is a discipline, like exercising, managing money, or becoming more patient.  That is why people who Shine practice Shining.

I admit that I now have the need to SHINE every day.  I feel it.  And one of the ways I feel I SHINE is when I create.  I can't help but see the signs everywhere, especially when I'm not looking for them. I make a point to have a lot of reminders all around me.

I practice a lot of things!  I make a point when I am traveling to look for the signs .... the ones that are directing me on my path, and those that are reinforcing my purpose to SHINE! Literal signs that SHINE, or are related to beautiful sunSHINE!

I feel that everything we do to create beauty, light and inspiration.... matters!  (so the quote I did not come up with reads!!!)

Just like joy & happiness..... no one can create it just for you.  Ain't nobody gonna do it for you!!!

You have to find it within and keep it going.  You have to choose to SHINE... it is a choice.  You have to practice your SHINE....

It's a wonderful thing to share your SHINE with others who might not be feeling their best.

Once you practice, practice, practice, it becomes a part of your daily routine.  It's easy to SHINE.   

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