Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Create Joy

Are you ready for SHINE principle number 2?  ( which by the way I spelled wrong in yesterday's post.... but no judging for spelling or grammar issues on my blog, cuz you know it comes from my heart)

Create: to bring something into existence

According to the House of SHINE, one who creates pushes boundaries.  They are masters of their trade and that mastery allows them to see opportunities for improvement.

Many people claim they are NOT creative.  

The word really has a deeper meaning.  The way I create is visually, I'm crafty, I can draw, I can make things and then I can take pictures of them and post these things for all the world to see.

To shine is to 
Be Present
and to create

One way I create is to practice, practice, practice .... something every day.  And that brings me joy!

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Cheryl Houston said...

Whenever someone tells me they aren't creative or they can't draw I've started saying, "Oh! You're an abstract artist!" And then I go on to explain how they could draw a squiggly line on a page crossing over itself creating shapes... color them in and Voila! Abstract Art!


Peggy said...

You've got it Cheryl! I love, love, love your perspective! Thank you for sharing! My favorite would be when people say they can't even draw a straight line, and I would always say...'neither can I, that's why someone invented the ruler'.....


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